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Typewriter "Congratulations" by Marvelous Molds

Typewriter "Congratulations" by Marvelous Molds

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Are you a block letter buff? At Marvelous Molds we celebrated block lettering by creating a complete line of Flexabets® that produce striking uppercase and lowercase block letters and numbers. With this incredibly easy-to-use tool set, you can confidently express any thought or phrase in block letters whenever a cake-decorating occasion arises. Straight lines and clean edges are the hallmark style of this classic serif font, and the innovative trimming blades on our Typewriter Flexabets® will make it easier than ever to add perfect lettering to your cakes and crafts!

This typewriter Flexabet® resolves the difficulty of creating the fifteen letters that make up the word "Congratulations" - when you use it, the letters are magically cut all at once! Have you ever tried to space the letters of this long word on a cake? If you have, then you will know how much of a struggle it can be. In addition to creating the letters efficiently, the Typewriter Congratulations Flexabet® can be used, Silicone Onlay® style, to transfer this popular word onto any cake with perfect results every time.

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