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Square Wrapped Cake Board

Square Wrapped Cake Board

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Single-layer of corrugated cardboard covered in grease-proof foil. 

Provide a stable foundation for your cake and easily insert it in a box. This durable product supports and carries even the heaviest cakes. Plus, its top features a foil-wrapped crisp, coloring that ensures your vibrant, colorful icings and intricate designs stand out for a stunning appearance. It also serves as a perfect frame for your tasty creations and will catch the eyes of your patrons. Add this cake wrap to your bakery, grocery store, or market for quality cake support!

Quarter Sheet Wrapped Cake Board fits in 14x10x4 box or 1/4 Sheet Corrugated Box

Half Sheet Wrapped Cake Board fits in 19x14x4 box.

Full Sheet Wrapped Cake Board fits in Full Sheet Corrugated Box or 2 Piece Full Sheet Box

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