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Metallic Royal Icing Mix

Metallic Royal Icing Mix

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Eat your Sparkles!  These edible Luster Dusts are an easy way to add some Yaaaasss to any treat!  Dry brush them onto chocolate, or mix them with water, alcohol, or cooking oil to create edible paint.  And the best part?  This Ginormous jar is over 5 times the size of the competition, so you get way more bling for your buck! 

  • Ginormous 25-gram jar
  • 100% Edible Food Grade Ingredients
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Water, alcohol, and oil soluble
  • Available in 14 sexy colors!
  • Luster, Lustre..potato potahto, no matter how you spell it, this is some amazingly Shiny stuff
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