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Lil' Rolly Frosting Finisher

Lil' Rolly Frosting Finisher

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Another Evil Cake Genius original product.  Roll away knife marks, air bubbles, and mistakes in Buttercream, Royal Icing, and Ganache!

The ECG always struggled to smooth out the line where she lifted her frostinator or contour comb off of the cake.  Not to mention the perfectly frosted tier that has tiny little air bubbles distracting from your awesomeness, or trying to get a smooth finish on domed tiers, complex curves or square cornered cakes.  No matter what level of frosting greatness you're at, you need this Lil' Rolly in your cakey arsenal!  It even works to smooth buttercream on cookies!

The ECG tested out surface after surface to find the perfect material for smoothing frosting without leaving any texture behind. Lil' Rolly is Food Safe, and can be washed and reused lots of times.

  • Set includes one Rolly Handle and Three Food Safe Rollies
  • Refill Rollies are available
  • Rolly Snaps into the handle to prevent it coming apart while in use.  Be sure you hear a snap when assembling!
  • Patent Pending
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