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Cupcake Insert

Cupcake Insert

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Keep your colorfully creative cupcake masterpieces safe and secure during transport with a cupcake insert!

Ideal for special orders and trendy cupcake shops, use this insert with twelve compartments for personal desserts or birthday treats. Designed to fit perfectly into a corresponding cake box, this cupcake insert is a great way to package and protect "to go" specialty cupcakes at your grocery store or bakery or to promote impulse sales at your checkout counter, when dessert is being taken on the road.

Single cupcake insert fits in a 4x4x4 window box.

2 cupcake insert fits in an 8x4x4 box.

6 cupcake insert fits in a 10x10x6 or 10x10x2.5 window box.

12 cupcake insert fits in a 14x10x4 or 14x10x4 window box.

Mini 12 cupcake insert fits in a 10x10x6 or 10x10x2.5 window box.

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