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Add some bling to your next confection with these edible sugar diamonds! These edible diamonds are made with Isomalt, a sugar substitute, and are formed into gorgeous diamonds with amazing clarity. The decorating possibilities are endless, these would be perfect for an engagement party, wedding, any woman's birthday (what woman doesn't love diamonds?!), Mother's  Day... Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and these edible diamonds will soon be your best friend too when you start making confections with these sparkling gemstones! We offer these diamonds in a variety of sizes, please make your selection above prior to ordering. Many other colors to choose from, be sure to check them out as well!

6mm (1/4")

*Special Instructions for Sugar Diamonds*
1. Edible Diamonds are ready to use.
2 This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture from your hands, which can cause them to cloud over.
3. Edible Diamonds are made from a low GI sugar and as such are suitable for diabetics.
4 This product must be stored in the vial container so as not to spoil the clarity.
5. Try not to touchÿyour Edible Diamonds and Gems directly with your hands: it is advisable to use tweezers when placing the edible diamonds and gems onto cakes, cookies, and other foods.
6. Place your edible Diamonds and Gems onto the food at the last minute to avoid exposure to the atmosphere.
7. When attaching your edible Diamonds or Gems to an iced cake please use chocolate, royal icing, or CMC mixed into a paste with water. Please use the tiniest amount possible.
8. These edible Diamonds and Gems ARE NOT recommended for use on buttercream icing or cream due to their higher moisture content in those icings. But you can use This product if you are going to serve your food within 1 hour.
9. If your edible diamonds or Gems become cloudy the simple solution is to brush them lightly with vegetable oil which will restore the clarity to your Edible Diamonds and Gems.

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