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Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

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Protect your cakes, cookies, and pastries in these clean white boxes.

Individual one-piece box with a glossy white exterior. Matt brown interior. 

FDA compliant.

14x10x4 box fits the 1/4 sheet SM or 1/4 Sheet Wrapped Cake Board or 1/4 sheet Cake Drum

16x12x5 box fits 1/4 sheet LG

18.5x14.5x5 box fits 1/2 sheet SM corrugated cake board

19x14x4 box fits 1/2 sheet Wrapped Cake Board or 1/2 Sheet Cake Drum

20.5x14.5x5 box fits 1/2 sheet LG Corrugated Cake Board or Half Sheet Wrapped Cake Board.

Quarter Sheet Corrugated box fits 1/4 sheet SM or 1/4 Sheet Wrapped Cake Board or 1/4 sheet Cake Drum

Half Sheet Corrugated box fits 1/2 sheet SM corrugated cake board

Full Sheet Boxes fit Full sheet Wrapped Cake Board or Full Sheet Cake Drum or Full sheet Corrugated Cake Board

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