Collection: Artisan Accents

Artisan Accents Gel Colors are highly regarded as some of the best gel colors available. Experience exquisite, pure, and vibrant colors with just a drop or two. The intensity of the color can be adjusted by the number of drops used, with deeper shades achieved by adding more Artisan Accents Gel. These concentrated colors are best used sparingly at first, as more can always be added, but not taken away. They are perfect for enhancing buttercreams, baked goods, icings, and more. The easy-to-use formula ensures no alterations in the taste or texture of your desserts, eliminating any unwanted aftertastes or clumpy consistencies.

Ten incredible Core Colors for an infinite color combination! Here's a link to the color mixing chart - a drop of this, 2 of that, and imagine how many hues you can create!

Can be transformed into airbrush colors with the Original Dilution Solution!

Not suitable for use in chocolate, check out Chocolate Chameleon Oil Candy Coloring instead!

2fl oz. Bottle with twist cap dropper component for easy measuring.

Shelf stable and has a two year shelf life after opening.

Certified Kosher.

Made in USA.