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Chefmaster Meringue Powder 10oz

Chefmaster Meringue Powder 10oz

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Ideal ingredient blend provides the stability and body needed to produce great buttercream, royal icing, and meringue recipes. You can use this product to replace the egg whites in your recipes without compromising on the texture or taste of your final product.

When you use meringue powder instead of freshly whipped egg whites, you enjoy increased food safety and convenience. The meringue powder whips up quickly to form stiff peaks without the risk of food-borne illnesses, as is found with fresh egg whites. As a result, Chefmaster Meringue Powder is perfect for recipes that will not reach the safe temperature for egg whites during the prep process, such as royal icing.

  • Meringue Powder is a primary ingredient for royal icing.
  • Stabilizes butter cream, adds body to boiled icing and meringue.
  • Replaces egg white in many recipes
  • Recipes included on back
  • Certified Kosher (USK)
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