Hydrangea Cutter Set of 4
Hydrangea Cutter Set of 4

Hydrangea Cutter Set of 4

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Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers, therefore these cutters will deliver just that. Beautiful and edible flowers to adorn cakes. Use our modeling tools to angle them to create more realistic finishes.

JEM Floral Cutters - Hydrangea Set of 4

  • Create beautiful hydrangeas with this easy-to-use cutter set.
  • Simply pop the cutters in your JEM roller pad, grease the cutters with JEM petal base, pop your paste over the top, and roll your rolling pin over the back of the cutters to achieve neat, clean cutouts.
  • This set of 4 cutters is easily pieced together to create beautiful hydrangeas that are perfect to complete any sugar flower spray.
  • Finished flowers measure approx. 4cm.